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Client Story

Mona Dairy

Securing Dairy Excellence with Protos Networks' Meraki Network and Cisco Solutions Read More

Key Outcomes

  • Holistic Security- Mona Dairy’s network achieved a robust security posture with Cisco Meraki MX, Cisco ISE, and Cisco DUO, protecting against cyber threats and unauthorised access.
  • Efficiency and Scalability – The Meraki Network provided seamless connectivity, real-time monitoring, and centralised management, boosting operational efficiency and supporting the dairy’s future growth.
  • Streamlined Integrations – Protos Networks’ expertise ensured the seamless integration of various components, simplifying network management and reducing complexity.
  • Managed NOC Services – Protos Networks assumed the Managed Network Operations Centre (NOC) specialist role, proactively monitoring and maintaining the dairy’s network infrastructure. This allowed Mona Dairy’s internal IT team to focus on core business operations.
  • Optimised Productivity – The new Meraki Network empowered Mona Dairy’s employees to work efficiently with reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and secure access to critical resources.

The Challenge

Mona Dairy, a cutting-edge dairy plant in Anglesey, is a project led by dairy farmer David Wynne-Finch and Dutch dairy entrepreneur Ronald Akkerman. As a greenfield project, Mona Dairy required a tailor-made network solution aligned with their specific needs and future growth plans. The project team had several priorities for the network infrastructure at the new plant, including the seamless integration between IT and OT infrastructure, the security of the systems and intellectual property, and the network’s resilience to prevent system outages.

The project to get the plant up and running also ran into several challenges outside the team’s control, namely the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and the Covid-19 pandemic. Both of these added challenges to bringing industrial equipment and engineers from the Netherlands and getting on-site resources to build the factory.

The Approach

To ensure efficiency, security, and scalability from the ground up, Mona Dairy sought the expertise of Protos Networks. Protos Networks worked with Mona Dairy’s team, engineering teams from the Netherlands and our partners at Risc IT Solutions to design and implement a resilient and secure infrastructure at Monda Dairy.

Our design included the deployment of Cisco Meraki core and access layer switching, MX security appliances, complete wireless coverage using Cisco Meraki MR access points and Cisco AnyConnect for remote access for engineers and support staff. Additionally, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) was deployed to provide Network Access Control (NAC) services on the network. The deployment of Cisco ISE ensured that the network was secured to prevent unauthorised access and provide network segmentation and automation. Our team also deployed Cisco Duo to provide multi-factor authentication to fortify the dairy’s security infrastructure.

The Results

Protos Networks transformed Mona Dairy’s greenfield project into a fortified and future-ready dairy plant through the innovative Meraki Network and advanced Cisco security solutions. The seamless integration of Meraki MX, Cisco ISE, and Cisco DUO, coupled with Managed NOC services, ensured robust security, operational efficiency, and streamlined network management.

Mona Dairy successfully navigated the challenges of a new build network by partnering with Protos Networks. They are now poised for dairy excellence while protecting sensitive data and ensuring secure connectivity in their state-of-the-art dairy plant.

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