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Vulnerability Management

Understand Your Exposure to Prioritise Which Vulnerabilities to Fix First

Gain a risk-based view of your attack surface with Tenable Vulnerability Management. Quickly identify and prioritise critical assets and vulnerabilities through real-time continuous assessment, built-in prioritisation and threat intelligence.

What is Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

Risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) is a strategic approach to mitigate vulnerabilities in your attack surface by prioritising remediation based on the risks they present to your organisation.

Unlike traditional vulnerability management methods, RBVM offers a deeper understanding of vulnerability risks, providing valuable threat context and insight into potential business implications.

RBVM uses machine learning algorithms and correlates asset criticality, vulnerability severity, and threat actor activity; it enables you to effectively manage the multitude of vulnerabilities and concentrate efforts on addressing the few that pose the highest risk to your enterprise.

RBVM Features and Benefits

Asset Visibility

Find hidden vulnerabilities with continuous discovery and vulnerability assessments of known and unknown assets in your environment, including cloud and remote workforce assets.

Vulnerability Prioritisation

Identify which vulnerabilities need fixing immediately with automated prioritisation that combines vulnerability data, threat intelligence and data science.

Extensive Intelligence

Tenable Vulnerability Management features the industry’s most extensive database of common vulnerabilities and exposures, meaning you can quickly see scan results and determine risk.

Cloud Native Solution

Tenable’s cloud architecture means that you can scan your internet-facing infrastructure from Tenable cloud scanners, and remote endpoints using cloud-connected Nessus agents.

PCI Approved Scanning

Tenable is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and can be used to validate external vulnerability scans of internet facing environments, ensuring compliance with PCI DSS.

Custom Reporting

Create custom dashboards and reports to help your IT and security team prioritise vulnerabilities, meet SLAs and provide visibility and peace of mind to key stakeholders.

How Protos Can Help

Powered by Tenable Vulnerability Management, Protos Networks’ RBVM offering goes beyond the capabilities of legacy vulnerability scanning software.

Tenable’s cloud-based solution enables you to find hidden vulnerabilities with continuous, always-on asset discovery and assessment of known and unknown assets in your environment. The solution detects endpoints, web applications, network and IoT devices, and public-facing infrastructure vulnerabilities.

With the industry’s most extensive CVE and configuration coverage, you can identify which vulnerabilities to fix first with automated prioritisation that combines vulnerability data, threat intelligence and data science. Built-in prioritisation capabilities ensure high-risk vulnerabilities are quickly patched.

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