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Network Access Control

Seamless and Intuitive Network Security for the Modern Digital Landscape

Cisco Identity Services Engine empowers your organisation with a powerful network security solution that elevates access control, simplifies policy management and enhances visibility, safeguarding your network in the digital age with unmatched ease and efficiency.

What is Network Access Control?

Network access control (NAC) is a comprehensive network security system that regulates and manages user and device access to an organisation’s network resources.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is the industry’s leading NAC solution. ISE ensures authorised users, devices, and applications can connect to the network while blocking unauthorised access attempts. NAC operates through policies and authentication methods that validate users’ identities, assess connecting devices’ security posture, and enforce access privileges based on predefined rules.

Cisco ISE Features and Benefits

Policy Enforcement

Cisco ISE enforces network access policies based on user identity, device type and security posture, ensuring secure and compliant network connectivity.

Secure Access

Cisco ISE provides secure access control by verifying user identities, and authenticating devices via protocols such as 802.1x to prevent unauthorised network access.

Rapid Threat Containment

Cisco ISE can integrate with other security solutions to rapidly contains threats by dynamically updating access policies and isolating compromised devices.

Zero Trust Network Access

Cisco ISE plays a key role in Zero Trust by continuously verifying user and device identities, ensuring secure network access based on trust and policies.

Cloud Integration

Cisco ISE can now be deployed as a cloud-native solution in AWS or Azure, with access policy enforcement now linked to Microsoft Entra.

BYOD and Guest Enforcement

Cisco ISE enables secure BYOD and guest access by validating user identities and applying policy-based controls to protect the network.

How Protos Networks can Help

Protos Networks is a Cisco ISE specialist and has deployed the solution to various organisations, including schools, factories and multi-site organisations. Our certified network security engineers can work with your organisation to scope, design, deploy and support your Cisco ISE solution.

By implementing Cisco ISE, your organisation can mitigate the risks of data breaches, unauthorised access and malware infections while maintaining a secure and productive network environment. Implementing Cisco ISE will offer you visibility into connected devices, granular control over network access and strengthen your overall cyber security posture.

Zero Trust Access with Cisco ISE

The granular policy enforcement and network segmentation capabilities in Cisco ISE make it a central feature of a Zero Trust architecture for the workplace. Click below to find out more.