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Penetration Testing

Stay Ahead of Evolving Cyber Security Threats with Systematic Security Testing

Strengthen your cyber security defences with proactive and controlled assessments by our skilled ethical hackers. Uncover vulnerabilities and potential entry points before malicious actors do, ensuring the safety of your critical assets.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, often called “pen testing,” is a proactive and controlled cyber security assessment that simulates real-world cyberattacks on a system, network, application, or organisation’s infrastructure. The primary objective of penetration testing is to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential entry points that malicious actors could exploit to gain unauthorised access or cause harm.

Skilled cyber security professionals, known as penetration testers or ethical hackers, conduct these tests using various tools and methodologies to mimic cyber-criminals’ tactics, techniques and procedures. By uncovering security flaws through systematic testing, organisations can take corrective measures, bolster their defences, and improve their overall cyber security posture. Penetration testing is crucial in helping businesses, and institutions stay one step ahead of attackers.

Penetration Testing Benefits

Identify Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing helps identify security vulnerabilities in applications, networks and systems. By proactively detecting weaknesses, your organisation can address exposures before malicious hackers exploit them.

Cost Effective Investment

Penetration testing reduces the likelihood of successful cyber attacks and data breaches. The cost of dealing with a breach can be significantly higher than the investment in penetration testing.

Enhanced Security Posture

Penetration testing provides insights into the effectiveness of existing security measures. Your organisation can use the test results to fine-tune or enhance your security controls, policies and procedures.

Compliance Assurance

Penetration testing is often a requirement for regulatory compliance in various industries, such as finance, healthcare and government. By conducting penetration tests, you can demonstrate adherence to compliance requirements.

Risk Mitigation

Penetration testing helps identify security flaws and weaknesses, such as vulnerable software and insecure configurations. By addressing these vulnerabilities, organisations can significantly reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Validation of Defences

Penetration testing helps you assess the return on investment of your security expenditure. Enabling you to evaluate whether your existing security solutions protect your assets and data, justifying security-related expenses.

How Protos Networks Can Help

Protos Networks offers comprehensive penetration testing services tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our skilled team of ethical hackers, who hold CREST and Cyber Scheme certifications, conduct thorough assessments to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your external networks, cloud systems, internal infrastructure and web applications.

With external testing, we simulate real-world attacks to evaluate your perimeter security and cloud systems such as Microsoft 365 to identify potential entry points. For internal testing, we assess your internal network’s resilience against insider threats and look for common misconfigurations in internal systems such as Active Directory. Our web application testing scrutinises your web-based assets for potential flaws malicious actors could exploit. With our penetration testing services, you can proactively address vulnerabilities, strengthen defences and safeguard your information assets.

Ensure the Security of Your Critical Web Applications

Web application penetration helps identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your web-based applications to ensure robust protection against potential cyber threats.