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As our name suggests, networks are at the core of what we do

Enterprise networks are our specialty, and our market-leading solutions cover LAN, WAN, WLAN and network security – all of which are managed by our team of engineers and experts, who are dedicated to delivering premium, high-end performance for your network. Central to this service lies the cloud-based Cisco Meraki technology we use, which enables us to securely and remotely look after your network around the clock.

Network specialists don’t come cheap, and fine-tuning networks to support business-critical applications and systems takes skill and expertise. By outsourcing your network management to Protos Networks’ team of experts, you can call upon years of engineering experience without employing expensive network engineers.

Whether it is access switches for your office floor, core or distribution switching at the heart of your network, multi-site secure WAN connectivity or management of your wireless estate, Protos Networks can design, implement and support a solution for you.

By integrating cloud-managed hardware and applications, Protos Networks gain unparalleled visibility into what is happening within your network. We can quickly and easily spot network issues, bandwidth hogs and security incidents, and get to work on rectifying these issues before you’re even aware of them.

We understand that many businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure, and that any downtime or disruption to your systems can have a severe impact. Protos Networks puts service level agreements into place to ensure we get working again – quickly and efficiently.

Need to contact us? No problem!

Whether it be a critical incident, change request or a general enquiry, our multi-platform service desk is there for you whenever you need it.

All our engineers are industry-certified across a range of platforms and technologies meaning we can build and support the perfect solution for you. In the unlikely event of a problem, our gurus are there to help whenever you need them.

Our managed network services remove the burden of network management, allowing you to focus on your core business. Whether it’s hundreds of LAN ports across campus, Wi-Fi throughout retail or hospitality venues, or managed firewalls and WAN services, Protos Networks can design, implement and manage a solution for you.

We use Cisco Meraki technology at the heart of our network services. This allows us to centrally manage hundreds of networks from anywhere, and gives us real-time, in-depth visibility into your network. In the unlikely event of a problem, our industry-certified engineers are usually aware of it before you are.

All our network service models offer SLA agreements, service credits and business-hours (or 24/7) support.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a revolutionary approach to wide area networks which reduces overheads and enhances resource usage for multi-site deployments. For an organisation like yours, this means more efficient use of your bandwidth and unrivalled performance across all your applications – without compromising on security or data protection.

Globally, internet infrastructure costs are decreasing while reliability is increasing. This presents fantastic opportunities for businesses to move away from expensive MPLS links, or to adopt hybrid models. Our team at Protos Networks connects your site using these low-cost SD-WAN internet links, and secures it with VPN technologies. MPLS-like reliability can then be provided via automatic path selection, load-balancing and automatic failover technologies.

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Modern businesses use all kinds of devices and applications, and high-quality network connectivity therefore becomes essential. IP phones, security cameras, storage, wireless access points and printers all require local area network (LAN) connections, but with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), a whole range of services from door access systems to coffee machines now also require network access. Deploying a high-performance LAN is thus more important than ever.

From office-floor connectivity to core and data centre-switching solutions, Protos Networks can design, implement and support a robust, high-performance solution for you. We use industry-leading Cisco and Cisco Meraki hardware, which is installed and managed by our team of Cisco-certified engineers with years of enterprise network experience.

Furthermore, all LAN services can be managed and supported remotely by us, removing the burden of network administration from your staff.

LAN services we offer include:

      • Access, distribution and core-level switching
      • Fast-Ethernet, Gigabit and Multi-Gigabit
      • Layer 3 and layer 2 engineering
      • Local Area Network security services
      • Virtual and physical stacking
      • Active device monitoring and remote support

    Wireless local area networks (WLAN) have consigned the days of expensive, chaotic cabling to history, and deliver significant benefits to businesses big and small. Among these gains are convenience, mobility, simple setup, the ability to expand your network easily, robust security, reduced costs, and improved productivity and cross-team collaboration.

    Protos Networks’ diverse, multi-purpose wireless network solutions provide all of that and more. Fast, reliable internet with vast coverage is guaranteed, and the technologies we use enable us to monitor your network for any bandwith hogs, RF dead spots, abusers, or any other connectivity problems. We can also block specific types of traffic, and provide analytics of user location and engagement – all of which is done remotely via the cloud.

    Wireless services we offer include:

      • Devices featuring the latest wireless technologies such as 802.11ac
      • Edge devices with built-in wireless, ideal for branch office solutions
      • Cloud-managed access points, meaning no need for controllers
      • Employee, BYOD and guest wireless solutions
      • Authentication via your organisation’s domain using 802.1x
      • Services such as Facebook Wi-Fi and guest analytics
      • Active user monitoring; able to identify threats, issues and abuse

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