Networks – they’re in our DNA!

Enterprise networks are our specialty, and our market-leading solutions cover LAN, WAN, WLAN and network security – all of which can be managed from our Network Operations Centre (NOC) by our team of engineers and experts, who are dedicated to delivering premium, high-end enterprise network solutions. Cisco technology is central to our solutions, and we incorporate the latest innovations in network automation to help you get more from your investment.

By outsourcing your network deployment and management to Protos Networks, you can call upon years of engineering experience without employing expensive network engineers. Whether it is access switches for your office floor, core or distribution switching at the heart of your network, multi-site secure SD-WAN connectivity or management of your wireless estate, Protos Networks can design, implement and support a solution for you.


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Comprehensive network management

Our managed network services remove the burden of network management, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We use Cisco Meraki technology at the heart of our managed network services. This allows us to centrally manage hundreds of networks from anywhere, and gives us real-time, in-depth visibility into your network. In the unlikely event of a problem, our industry-certified engineers are usually aware of it before you are.

Unified and automated network solutions

Modern businesses are increasingly turning to software-defined network solutions, particularly when it comes to storing or transmitting data in hybrid cloud and on-premise environments – therefore it’s essential to have efficient and secure network architecture in place.

Protos Networks specialises in a number of key areas in enterprise networking; including SD-WAN, LAN, WLAN and security. By using the latest innovations in network technology (such as Cisco Meraki and DNA Centre), our solutions will provide you with 360-degree visibility, resilient connectivity and seamless integration across all devices and applications.

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The SD-WAN revolution is here!

Reduce your overheads and enhance performance for multi-site deployments

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Robust network access control

Your network is more than a medium for transmitting data – it’s the central nervous system of your entire organisation. By incorporating the power of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) into our network solutions, we can enforce access and segmentation policies to significantly enhance the security of your network.

ISE is a key element in Cisco’s Software-Defined Access solutions, enabling organisations to automate and secure access to their network for users and devices via wire, wireless or VPN. The powerful posture and profiling capabilities of ISE can also form a key part of a zero-trust network architecture.

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Next-generation wireless networking

By adopting the latest innovations in WiFi 6 technology, our wireless networking solutions offer greater speeds, application performance and capacity for business-critical, high-density environments.

We specialise in the end-to-end delivery of wireless solutions, supporting the survey, design, installation and configuration phases of your wireless project. Our team have successfully deployed wireless networks to offices, warehouses, retail outlets and hospitality venues.

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