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No modern business environment can thrive without wireless networks. Fortunately, the advent of wireless LAN (WLAN) has ensured that the days of expensive, messy cabling are very much in the past, with users able to roam freely over a vast area, and easily access a network with their various devices.

Yet Protos Networks’ robust and versatile wireless solutions go considerably further. Whether it’s employee access with domain authentication, guest SSIDs with bespoke splash pages or support for wireless VOIP, we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, we also conduct wireless surveys, giving you a detailed report on a prospective site, or a health check of your existing network.

Our wireless solutions are suitable for all environments, and can be tailored to help you overcome connectivity challenges. Our service incorporates high-speed Business Wi-Fi and Guest Wi-Fi, with the latter being a powerful tool for your business to garner customer analytics based on location and engagement.

We’ve also partnered with Friendly Wi-Fi, thus giving you peace of mind that all our public Wi-Fi services are content-filtered, child-friendly and compliant with these standards set out by Government.

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Friendly Wi-Fi is a government-backed safe certification standard for public Wi-Fi. Approved establishments and organisations will have demonstrated that their service meets minimum levels of content filtering, and blocks out images, videos and webpages deemed unacceptable by the Internet Watch Foundation. A sticker or symbol is usually displayed to convey Friendly Wi-Fi compliance to customers.

Protos Networks is an official partner of Friendly Wi-Fi, thus putting your mind at ease that our Wi-Fi solutions are certified, and will deliver an online experience for your customers which is 100 per cent safe.

It goes without saying that reliable, secure, high-speed internet is indispensable for any business when it comes to communication and collaboration – whether you’re an SME, large business or a national organisation. Less straightforward, however, is finding a provider which can deliver these benefits – and a world-class service to go along with it – at a competitive price.

Protos Networks’ advanced, cloud-managed wireless technologies enable us to quickly identify bandwidth hogs, RF dead spots, network abusers and connectivity issues, thus ensuring that your Business Wi-Fi operates securely and efficiently, 24/7. We’re also able to tailor a package that fits your requirements, so you don’t pay for anything more than you need.

Are you looking at a site to implement a new wireless network? Or have you recently put one in, and wondering whether the post-installation coverage and capacity match what it originally said on the tin? Or perhaps you’ve had a network in place for a while, but aren’t convinced it is delivering the performance you need?

Our team of engineers at Protos Networks conduct in-depth wireless surveys, with detailed analysis of access points, connection speeds, security, coverage and overall performance data. Not only will these reports identify any specific problems (and resolutions), but also give you the overall picture, thus equipping you to make an informed decision on whether an upgrade of your wireless network is needed.

Whether you’re a restaurant, pub, retail outlet, hotel or any other business entity where customers are likely to spend an extended period of time on site, being able to deliver free, high-quality Guest Wi-Fi is something that will always be appreciated, and give you a competitive edge.

But it need not exclusively be the customer who reaps the rewards. Protos Networks’ intelligent Guest Wi-Fi solutions empower you to extract key data, analytics, personal information, behavioural trends and preferences when users log on, so that you can base business decisions on a better understanding of your customers. You can also enhance your online presence by integrating these user logins with social media platforms.

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