Protos Networks Customer Update — Securing Your Digital Frontier
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Join us for our monthly customer briefing as we delve into the ever-evolving network and cyber security landscape. At Protos Networks, we are committed to informing and empowering you to keep your organisation connected and protected.

Each month, our webinar will focus on a specific network or cyber security area. However, in this month’s session, we will re-introduce Protos Networks and provide a general update regarding some of our services and solutions.


We have an exciting agenda lined up, which includes:

1. Protos Networks Company Update
Stay in the know about what’s happening at Protos Networks. We’ll share recent achievements, new partnerships, and our ongoing commitment to innovation in networks and security.

2. Cyber Essentials Updates and Tips
Discover the latest developments and changes in the Cyber Essentials scheme. Our experts will provide insights into the scheme’s requirements, the common pitfalls and tips to breeze through your assessment.

3. Our New Partnership with CrowdStrike
We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with CrowdStrike, a Gartner-recognised leader in endpoint detection and response (EDR). Learn how this partnership will further enhance our ability to deliver 24/7 managed detection and response services.

4. Penetration Testing Refresher
Penetration testing is a critical component of a robust cybersecurity strategy. We’ll offer a refresher on the importance of penetration testing and how it can help you identify vulnerabilities before attackers do.

5. Latest Innovations in Network Security
We will discuss the latest innovative solutions in network security that can ensure your network infrastructure is connected and protected. Some of this month’s insights will include how we can integrate network access with your Entra ID (Azure AD) environment and how SASE can help your hybrid work securely from anywhere.


Darren Kewley

Technical Director

Damien Sansom

Sales Director

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