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Achieving the Best ROI on Your Guest Wi-Fi Investment

These days’ customers are expecting free Wi-Fi that is fast, secure and easy to access. Although there is a cost attached to providing this service, it can be used as a very effective marketing tool.

The marketing potential and ability to speak directly to your customers bring benefits that far outweigh its cost, so we have put together 5 top tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your free Wi-Fi service.

1. Branded Splash Page

This is what your customers will first see when selecting to join your Guest Wi-Fi. It is an easy way to project your brand further, promote certain aspects of your business, give a professional image to your customers and capture a small amount of customer data that you can then use to send them offers and events information.

2. Keep It Simple

Customers will be easily put off by too many questions. They do accept that to access the Wi-Fi they will need to complete a small number of questions, but be reasonable. Imagine yourself completing a detailed questionnaire about many irrelevant facts. Decide what is important to you and stick to it. For example, a children’s play area might want to capture how many children you have under a certain age, whereas a restaurant might want to capture your birthday so they can send you birthday offers.

3. Know and Reward Your Loyal Customers

Returning customers are important! If they enjoy spending time in your venue, they will bring their friends and they might become loyal customers too. Most Wi-Fi packages will keep track of this for you and even automatically send out vouchers after a certain number of visits (minimum effort, maximum effect). We all love to get free stuff and it will keep your customers thinking about their next visit.

4. Maximise Your Online Presence

By integrating your Guest Wi-Fi with social media, you will reach potential customers that are connected to your current customers. Requiring guests to Facebook check-in at your venue to access the internet is one common feature, which will then appear in their friends’ newsfeed. This is a clever form of advertising, whilst offering your customers a great service.

5. Don’t Get Fined!

Public Wi-Fi comes with the risk that consumers can potentially access content that is not family friendly. This can range from legal adult content right through to illegal terrorist content. It is the legal responsibility of the venue offering the free Wi-Fi service to ensure that content protection is in place. This feature is built into a range of guest Wi-Fi software, so using this is advised.

Guest Wi-Fi is now broadly expected from customers across many industries, it is an investment and should be part of your marketing budget. The information gathered and most useful features will vary depending on your venue type, but if you are smart and use it effectively, the benefits of offering such a service will far outweigh its monetary running costs.

Here at Protos, we offer guest Wi-Fi solutions for retail and hospitality. Our solutions can also harness the power of social media to increase your online following and presence.

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