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Protos Networks Achieves Cisco Premier Provider Partner Status

Dear Protos Networks Community,

We’ve got some fantastic news to share with you all; we’re thrilled to announce that Protos Networks has achieved Cisco Premier Provider Partner status!

Why does Cisco Premier Provider Partner matter?

Protos Networks is a next-gen Cisco partner, reinforced by our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) and 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) Services. We pride ourselves on our network and security operations solutions; this achievement and recognition directly reflect the excellence we provide to our clients with these services.

Protos is keen to set itself apart with our technical proficiency and commitment to understanding our client’s unique journeys. Our team goes beyond conventional service provision and creates customised success plans that integrate measurable success metrics, robust feedback processes, and ongoing improvement plans. We believe this approach addresses current needs and sets the foundation for sustained success and strong client relationships.

Our Path to Cisco Premier Provider Partner Status

Over the past six months, Protos Networks embarked on the journey to achieve Cisco Premier Provider Partner status. This transformative process required our team to undergo new levels of training, achieve advanced certifications, and establish a proven track record of successful Cisco deployments and management.

Central to our success was the strategic collaboration with key figures at Cisco. Our team continually worked with our Cisco Vertical Partner Account Manager (VPAM) and Cisco Business Solutions Architect. This collaborative effort allowed us to align our strategies with Cisco’s vision and standards, ensuring that we not only met but exceeded the requirements outlined in the service requirements.

Our partnership with Comstor UK, a trusted Cisco distributor, was pivotal in our journey. Their support, guidance, and access to essential resources significantly contributed to our success.

Throughout the process, our focus on continuous improvement was relentless. Regular interactions with our Cisco and Comstor allowed us to receive invaluable feedback. This iterative approach ensured we met the initial requirements and consistently elevated our capabilities to provide industry-leading managed network and security services and solutions.

Elevating Service Excellence

Achieving Cisco Premier Provider Partner status highlights the excellence of Protos Networks’ networking and security solutions. One of the critical areas for success was leveraging our internal ticketing and case management system and processes for our managed service clients.

Our internal infrastructure plays a crucial role in streamlining issue resolution, ensuring that we meet the client’s agreed service level response times and enhance the overall reliability of our managed network, security, and incident response services.

Protos Networks will remain at the forefront of network and security technology, backed by the expertise gained during this transformative journey with Cisco and Comstor. Our clients can further trust our capabilities to deliver unparalleled managed service excellence that exceeds expectations.

The achievement of Cisco Premier Provider Partner status is a significant milestone for us and shows Protos Networks’ commitment to continually improving our managed service offerings to our clients. It’s a very exciting time at Protos Networks, and we are leading the way as a next-gen managed network and security company. We can’t wait to take current and new clients on the journey with us!” Damien Sansom- Sales Director

How Our Managed Services Transform Client Experiences

1.Robust Managed Solutions

Elevated by our Cisco Premier Provider Partner status, Protos Networks takes pride in offering our clients a robust and dependable managed network and security solution. These services translate to heightened security measures, enhanced scalability, and optimal performance tailored to meet the diverse needs of all businesses, regardless of size or complexity.

Our managed services go beyond the ordinary, ensuring seamless operations and empowering businesses for sustained growth.

2. Expert Consultation via 24/7 Network and Security Operations Centre

With a team of Cisco-certified experts, Protos Networks now provides a more profound level of consultation, ensuring our clients receive custom-tailored solutions aligned precisely with their unique business requirements and challenges.

What sets us apart is our commitment to accessibility—our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) ensure continuous support and expert guidance, delivering peace of mind.

3. Future-Ready Infrastructure Planning

As a Premier Provider Partner, Protos Networks is not just a managed service provider but a strategic partner in guiding clients towards building future-ready IT infrastructures, including the seamless integration of transformative technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, and artificial intelligence strategically positioned to drive business success in the dynamic era of digital innovation and sustainability.

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