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What is Cisco Umbrella?

Cisco Umbrella is the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway situated in the cloud. Umbrella uses the infrastructure of the internet to block malicious destinations before your users ever connect to them. By using the cloud to deliver security, organisations can save both time and money by significantly reducing security incidents.

Umbrella is built into the very foundation of the internet – the domain name system (DNS) layer. DNS is the system which maps domain names to IP addresses, Umbrella has a powerful database of millions of malicious domains and uses industry-leading threat intelligence engines to pre-emptively block threats out on the internet.

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Protect your entire organisation in minutes

Umbrella is easy to deploy – very easy. There are no on-site appliances to install and keep up-to-date, you simply point your DNS towards Umbrella’s resolvers and then begin to set your policies using Cisco Umbrella’s secure web interface.

The Umbrella cloud dashboard allows you to set policies and provides visibility into internet activity across all of your network devices, wherever they go. The dashboard also allows you to integrate with Active Directory and use API keys to integrate with other platforms for more granular reporting.

Security everywhere

Cisco Umbrella protects your users both inside and outside of the office. By deploying the Umbrella Roaming or Cisco AnyConnect client, your devices will receive all the protection of Cisco Umbrella whilst off the VPN or outside of the protection of your office firewalls.

This functionality provides both visibility and enforcement at the DNS layer and also protects your roaming users against threats such as phishing, malware and command-and-control callbacks wherever they go.

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Powerful threat intelligence

Hackers are creatures of habit, and will often use the same infrastructure to launch their attacks. This leaves behind digital fingerprints which Umbrella can detect to pinpoint current and emerging cyber-attacks.

Intelligence feeds from Cisco Talos and AMP are also integrated into Umbrella. This means that Umbrella benefits from the daily analysis of millions of malware samples and terabytes of data to block malicious content.

How to buy Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is priced on a per-user, per-month basis and is purchased on a 12-month pre-paid basis, or on a per-AP basis for guest Wi-Fi networks. There are multiple packages available, further details can be found here. Protos Networks is also an Umbrella MSP, meaning we can provide you with a fully-managed service on a pay-monthly basis.

For further information, to request a quote, or find out about finance options please contact sales via the form below.

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