Phishing Simulation Services

Phishing simulation can help train your staff to look out for malicious emails and reduce your risk platform! 

It is estimated that 67% of all malware is delivered via phishing attacks. This is when an attacker tries to trick a user into clicking on link a malicious email, or entering sensitive data on a fraudulent website. Hackers are getting smarter, and this means your staff need to be educated and aware. Any awareness campaign should not be a one-off, and should form part of an overall cyber awareness strategy.

By harnessing the power of Sophos’s ‘Phish Threat’ technology, Protos Networks can help you test and educate your IT users via automated attack simulations. The system allows you to utilise numerous phishing templates, provide quality training and provides reporting metrics which enable you to take action where required.

Bespoke Test Campaigns

Your IT users can be the largest and most vulnerable target in your organisation for a cyber-criminal. Likewise, their mailboxes are constantly bombarded with phishing emails and attempts at social engineering. 

Phish Threat has a database of over 200 simulated attacks designed at testing your user’s awareness against phishing, credential gathering or attached malware attacks. In just a few clicks, it enables your organisation to formulate a comprehensive campaign to keep your employees on their toes!

Comprehensive Reporting and Training Modules

Phish Threat also includes a collection of over 20 training modules which will ensure your employees receive on-the-spot awareness training. An integrated dashboard will present reports on the results of simulated campaigns and training, enabling you to track the effectiveness of your campaign and your staff awareness.

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