Unifying the NOC and the SOC

Whereas a Security Operations Centre (SOC) focuses on threat detection, security and the integrity of data, the key objective of a Network Operations Centre (NOC) is to ensure ongoing network availability, and high performance of all linked services.

That said, there is often crossover between a NOC and a SOC, particularly when it comes to incident management, firewall monitoring, intrusion prevention and performance reporting. On this basis, if you’re looking to outsource both network and security management, it can be beneficial to do so with a provider that offers seamless collaboration between the two.

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Network Operations Centre

Our NOC uses next-generation technologies, with a clear focus on automation. We have an in-house team of network engineers and analysts, who receive a constant stream of live updates and reports, populating a log management system that prioritises alerts. This hierarchical approach enables our technicians to monitor, manage and respond to incidents efficiently.

It also ensures a 24/7 approach to network management, so that your systems function at full capacity – always.

Security Operations Centre

Protos Networks’ SOC service combines industry-leading technologies with a highly-skilled team of security engineers, analysts and compliance experts. This unity between man and machine underpins the quality of our security management, with first-in-class automation of threat monitoring and detection offering real-time reporting and analysis.

Furthermore, we ensure that your security complies with current regulations and legislation. Our custom SOC packages are suitable for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

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Industry-leading technology

Our NSOC has adopted the latest industry innovations which have been specifically chosen to connect and protect your critical infrastructure. We integrate Cisco networking and security technologies, SecureX automation and orchestration and AT&T Cybersecurity’s USM Anywhere platform to create a truly unique offering.

Architectural design

As part of our ongoing NSOC engagement, we can help your organisation design your network and security architecture, as well as consulting on your ongoing strategy. Whether you need to upgrade your systems or build your architecture from fresh, our team of architects and consultants are here to guide and assist.

Our solutions can be designed in-line with models such as Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), or in-line with industry standards such as ISO27001 or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

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Comprehensive threat intelligence

Protos Networks’ NSOC utilises multiple industry-leading sources of threat intelligence to ensure that our customers are protected against the latest emerging cyber threats.

Some of the key threat intelligence sources our NSOC utilises include: AT&T Alien Labs, the Open Threat Exchange (OTX) and Cisco Talos – the world’s largest non-governmental threat intelligence agency. By partnering with both Cisco and AT&T, we gain unparalleled visibility due to the global footprints of both organisations.

Automation and orchestration

Integration between our NSOC and your infrastructure unifies your entire network security ecosystem in one location. The power of our automation and orchestration technologies can allow you to streamline common tasks, automate security workflows and centralise disparate IT technologies.

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