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Leading the way in business broadband and telephony

Reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity and efficient business telephony services are a prerequisite for any company or enterprise. While costs are diminishing and standards are improving, choosing the best connectivity options for your business remains a crucial decision.

In conjunction with our partner CSS Telecoms, Protos Networks provides a wide range of broadband and internet solutions, and, with our expertise and advanced technologies, we’re best placed to tailor a package that suits your needs – and at a competitive price too.

The same is true of the business phone lines we provide. We understand that, in these challenging economic times, it is essential to re-evaluate hefty overheads such as your company’s telephony bills. That’s precisely why Protos Networks incorporates technologies such as hosted voice platforms and SIP trunking to both reduce costs, and simplify your system.

We also monitor your connections remotely, so if anything were to ever go wrong, our experienced, Cisco-certified team of network engineering specialists will probably know about it – and fix it – before you do. You’ll also benefit from having our dedicated support team on hand. That means no calls on hold, or being diverted to some call centre halfway around the world. Instead, you’ll be put straight through to an expert, who is at the ready to help.

Whether your organisation is a small branch office or a large-scale enterprise, reliable and fast business broadband is non-negotiable. But it also needs to have the capacity to accommodate future growth, too.

Protos Networks’ fibre broadband solutions are underpinned by a proficiency in identifying the highest-speed connection in your local area, and then enabling you to benefit from the best possible access to it. That means zero interference and maximum bandwidth, while staying connected – 24/7. We’ll also monitor your connection remotely, and, with our wireless capabilities, we can resolve any issues within minutes, should they ever arise.

Leased lines

If you’re a bigger business looking to connect different offices or franchises within your organisation, we also offer premium leased lines at a fixed monthly cost. Our leased lines will ensure faster rates of data transfer, and provide a cost-effective alternative should your internet consumption be high.

WAN services

Moving your Wide Area Network (WAN) services to the internet makes economic sense for many businesses today. By teaming up with Cisco Meraki, and integrating the latest VPN and SD-WAN technologies they provide, Protos Networks delivers excellent connectivity for your business, and at a fraction of the cost of other dedicated services.

Here is a breakdown of how it all works:

  • Business broadband or 3G/4G is installed into premises

  • Cisco ISR routers or Cisco Meraki MX edge devices are deployed to site

  • Site-to-site connectivity is established using VPN technologies and WAN

  • WAN traffic is optimised using Meraki SD-WAN or Cisco IWAN

Business telecommunications invariably eat up a significant chunk of a company budget. Yet this also means there is substantial scope for savings and efficiency improvements, and ditching a traditional phone line is a good place to start. Protos Networks collaborates with our independent partner, CSS Telecoms, to recommend and deliver IP telephony solutions tailored to your requirements, so that your phone systems can reap the benefits of digital technology; take advantage of the internet, and ultimately enhance productivity while reducing costs.

Our IP telephony solutions include hosted voice platforms, along with SIP trunking, thus taking care of all your communication needs such as video conferencing, instant messaging, media distribution and other applications.

Yet the benefits of our IP telephony services do not end with expert delivery, competitive prices, improved cross-business collaboration and enhanced efficiency. You’ll also have the comfort of dedicated, ongoing support. So if you need help with anything, you won’t have to call up your behemoth network provider, be put on hold, or passed around from pillar to post. Instead, you can get in touch with our team of VoIP experts, who will pick up the phone immediately, and provide the world-class assistance you expect.