Network and Security Automation

What is network automation?

Network automation relates to the physical and virtual devices across your network architecture; specifically, automating the configuration, testing, deployment and management of their day-to-day operation. The primary benefit of network automation is improved service availability, as menial processes which underpin this no longer require the same level of human input.

Automation lends itself to all network and security architecture, with a variety of hardware and software-based solutions. For organisations, the tangible results for network management are improved system security, greater efficiency, reduced risk of human error and lower operating expenses.


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Streamline your entire IT operation

Automation will assist you in quickly planning, deploying and configuring your network and security systems as well as easily applying policies accross your entire network. Whether you are deploying completely new systems, or integrating new solutions into your existing architecture, automation will be possible.

Whatever path you choose, Protos Networks’ dedicated team of network and security specialists will be on-hand to help you streamline your IT operation.

Why security automation benefits you

Automating security systems means enhanced protection across your network, and extra bandwidth for your IT team to identify and respond to external threats efficiently. Protos Networks delivers security automation by leveraging AlienVault® USM Anywhere™. This end-to-end security management platform provides a centralised dashboard of incident response actions covering your entire network architecture, thus paving the way for rapid threat detection and faster response times.

Furthermore, automation functionality within the USM Anywhere platform can be easily scaled to integrate new technologies, thus ensuring an ongoing unified approach to security management, and unlocking valuable resource for your IT team.

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